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VA Home Loans For Ex-Spouses, Dependent Children

September 18, 2018

VA Home Loans For Ex-Spouses, Dependent Children

097-logoWe’ve recently had a variety of questions about VA home loan rules for ex-spouses and dependent children. One of those questions this week goes like this:

“I wanted to know if I am eligible for my deceased ex-husband’s VA Certificate . We were married 15 years. Then we got divorced. He remarried in 2006 and died 2013. He was married for 8 years then died…I have been by myself for 25 years never remarried.”

The short answer to this question is no. An ex-spouse cannot apply for a VA loan without the participation of the veteran. VA loan rules are clear on this issue, an ex-spouse has no VA loan eligibility whatsoever—VA loans are intended for borrowers who have served in the military, and in certain qualifying circumstances a surviving spouse of a military member who has died.

Another reader question about VA loan eligibility came in recently, which reads as follows:

“My father was a veteran, who is now deceased. He served in the military for 2 years. He was honorably discharged in 1967. He never used his VA loan. His wife is still living. Is she eligible to use the loan or would I, his daughter, be able to use the loan?”

Under the current rules of the VA loan program at the time of this writing, dependent children are never eligible to use a veteran’s VA home loan benefits. Some surviving spouses may be eligible to use the veteran’s VA loan benefits, but the spouse will need to discuss the situation with the VA to learn whether it’s possible to qualify.

Contact the VA directly at 1-800 827-1000 to get more information on whether a particular circumstance qualifies or to learn more about VA home loans for surviving spouses.

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  1. Tonya Fleming

    I was in the army reserve and my schooling was 9 months. So I was active duty for 9 months am I elegible For a home loan through the VA? I was approved Years ago but I didn't use the loan but I applied In 2011 and was told I am not elegible for the benefits. How long do you have to be active to get the loan.

    • Joe Wallace

      If the Department of Veterans Affairs told you there was no eligibility, you would have to take the issue up with them as much depends on when you joined. If a lender told you you were not eligible, it may still be a good idea to contact the VA directly by calling 1-800 827-1000 to get assistance on eligibility time frames, etc.

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