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VA Regional Loan Centers: Reader Questions And Answers

December 26, 2012

VA Regional Loan Centers: Reader Questions And Answers

When applying for VA guaranteed home loans, there are two places many look to start the process moving on VA home loan benefits. One is the local office of the Department of Veterans Affairs, another is the VA Regional Loan Center with jurisdiction over that area.

In several reader questions and comments over the last few months, there’s been a noticeable trend; some are confused about the roles of these two official sources of VA assistance. It seemed like a good idea to address this confusion to help people avoid wasting time during the VA loan planning stages.

When there’s discussion about the “local branch” office of the VA, this usually refers to an office set up by the Department of Veterans Affairs to help veterans with a wide range of VA benefits issues including healthcare, the GI Bill, and VA loans.

These offices do not necessarily specialize in VA loans, nor can they recommend a lender or give legal advice. When it comes to getting general information on VA loans, getting help with VA Certificates of Eligibility, or other typical VA loan needs, these offices can be a very good resource. You can locate a VA office near you at the VA official site’s locator page.

Borrowers who have more specialized VA Loan needs should seek the help of the VA Regional Loan Center (RLC) with jurisdiction over that particular area. VA Regional Loan Centers have more resources for borrowers who need help with VA appraisal disputes, situations where there may be violations of the Fair Housing Act, or when the borrower just needs more detailed help with a VA loan than may be available from the local VA field office.

That’s not to say that the local field office can’t be of any help, but in more complex matters chances are good that you could be referred to the VA Regional Loan Center anyway; borrowers should approach the RLC directly with these types of issues when time is a critical factor. The VA Regional Loan Centers aren’t located in every state–one center has jurisdiction over several states in the region. You can locate the one nearest you here.

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