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VA Loans, State VA Offices and VA Regional Loan Centers

June 16, 2011

VA Loans, State VA Offices and VA Regional Loan Centers

A VA home loan is much like many other veteran benefits; in order to take full advantage of your VA benefits there is introductory paperwork, proof of service required, and at least some waiting time included while all that paperwork is submitted, processed and filed.

Vets who have never applied for VA loan eligibility or a VA home loan before can save themselves plenty of time just knowing the right office to talk to when it’s time to file that paperwork for a VA mortgage.

Every state in the USA has a VA office. There are usually many VA offices in every state in order to better facilitate getting vets the right services and assistance. You can find more information about the VA offices in your state at the VA official site:

State VA offices are very helpful–they can help vets of all ages and experience levels get started on the road to claiming or updating VA benefits and much more. But these state offices should not be confused with the VA’s Regional Loan Centers (RLC), which are designed to specifically help veterans apply for VA loan eligibility, deal with local issues or disputes, and maintain jurisdiction over their assigned territories. RLCs deal with lenders and borrowers alike.

The VA RLC offices are not found in every state. Instead, each office (11 total at the time of this writing) is responsible for doing VA loan business for a set of states. The VA Regional Loan Center in Atlanta, for example, is responsible for handling VA loan issues in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

VA loan applicants who need assistance from an RLC should check the VA official site to see which Regional Loan Center operates in their area. The entire list is found at:

Veterans who seek information on VA loan eligibility issues should contact the Winston-Salem Eligibility Center regardless of which VA RLC operates in their area. The Winston-Salem office processes VA eligibility requests and can be contacted by phone at 1-888-244-6711 or by mail at:

Department of Veterans Affairs
Winston-Salem Eligibility Center
P.O. Box 20729
Winston-Salem, NC 27120

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