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VA Loans: Local Requirements For Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia and Florida

May 18, 2011


VA Loans: Local Requirements For Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia and Florida

In recent blog posts we’ve discussed the local requirements properties must meet in order to be considered for a VA home loan. When a VA borrower wants to purchase a property with a VA insured mortgage, the home must be appraised and assigned fair market value before the loan can be approved.

A VA assigned appraiser looks over the property to make sure it meets VA minimum property standards plus any local requirements as spelled out by city codes or other regulations. Any condition observed that does not meet the local requirements must be corrected before the loan can be approved.

The Department of Veterans Affairs defers to local requirements where applicable. Many states do not have local requirements, but many others do. When it comes to these local requirements, VA regulations state, “VA offices may instruct fee appraisers to list, when applicable, other local requirements as conditions on appraisal reports. Contact the fee appraiser or VA office if there is a question about an appraisal report condition.”

For the states of Connecticut, Delaware, plus the District of Columbia, there are no local requirements, but in the state of Florida there are special rules for manufactured homes. In Florida, all manufactured homes must be installed by a state-licensed professional. The state of Florida also does not allow anyone besides a licensed appraiser to establish the value of a property.

Florida is also unique in that it does not require a heating system installed in properties within certain south Florida counties including Broward, Charlotte, Collier, Dade, Galdes, Hendry, Lee, Martin, Monroe, and Palm Beach county.

Every state falls within the jurisdiction of a VA Regional Loan Center nearby. If you need assistance from your nearest VA Regional Loan Center, you can look up contact information for the one with jurisdiction over the county you wish to purchase a home in

If you have questions or issues with regard to a property meeting local requirements, contact the VA as soon as possible.

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  1. Robert Deitrich

    I currently own a house with 2 conventional mortgages. Through marriage we are able to qualify for a VA loan. Can we refinance the existing home?

    • Joe Wallace

      The Veterans Benefits Improvement Act of 2008 provides a way for conventional borrowers to refinance into VA home loans. More information is found here: Hope this helps!

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