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VA Loan Certificate of Eligibility Corrections: A Reader Question

May 20, 2014

VA Loan Certificate of Eligibility Corrections: A Reader Question

061-logoA reader asks, “I purchased a home in the early 80s through the VA, it went into default but it was paid off before I was able to leave active duty.”

“They have one COE that says that all restoration has been made and all benefits were restored another COE says different that I am only part of the benefits I have tried reaching the VA by phone and was left on hold for 30 minutes, Do you know of anyone that I can talk to clear up this matter?”

A VA COE (Certificate of Eligibility) tells the lender many things including how much VA loan entitlement remains if the borrower has used his or her VA loan benefits in the past. In the case of this reader question, it’s not clear whether there is an old COE being reviewed or a new COE that has outdated information on it.

In either case, the borrower needs to get in touch with the Department of Veterans Affairs to clear up the issue. Unfortunately, we understand that the VA sometimes has long wait times for telephone support and it’s best to contact the VA when you have time to sit through the on-hold process in order to speak to the right person.

There may be a way to avoid prolonged wait times, however. Anyone in this situation or others like it may be able to get the ball rolling by making an appointment to speak to someone at a local VA field office, or by contacting the VA Regional Loan Center with jurisdiction over your area.

You’ll need to consult your local phone listings to find the nearest VA field office, but you can find your VA Regional Loan Center at a page on the VA official site. You can look up your VA RLC by state there.

In this reader’s case the topic of discussion will be a possible correction needed to the VA COE or requesting confirmation of the most current information listed on the COE.

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