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Qualifying For VA Loans

March 28, 2013

Qualifying For VA Loans


We answer many reader questions about qualifying for VA loans, including eligibility questions. One of the most commonly asked questions about VA home loans involves whether a specific situation disqualifies a borrower from VA loans or whether exceptions may apply.

For example, many assume that a VA loan applicant is required to have an Honorable discharge. But VA loan rules basically state that as long as a borrower’s military service did not end with a Dishonorable classification, it’s still possible to get a VA loan provided other qualifying criteria are met.

Borrowers who serve for less than 24 months (under the guidelines for those serving since the Gulf War) are generally not eligible, but exceptions do apply for those affected by force reduction policies, some types of medical discharges or other circumstances.

Active duty service requirements are different than those of the Guard and Reserve. Surviving spouses of military members who died as a result of military service are also eligible for VA loans if they meet VA qualifying criteria.

Some people mistakenly assume that because they have a foreclosure or bankruptcy on their credit history that they would not qualify for a VA home loan.

But those who have waited several years before considering their home loan options again, and who have worked hard on improving their credit in the meantime may be eligible once more to apply for a VA mortgage.

It is not safe to assume you are NOT eligible for VA loan benefits. Get the advice and input from a VA representative–let the government decide who is, and who is not qualified to apply for VA home loan benefits.

You can start learning about VA loan eligibility be exploring the VA official site at, or you can speak to a loan officer about your circumstances. You may be surprised to learn what your VA home loan options are.

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  1. Robert Bressman

    I have a home that I bought without a VA loan, I wan to put that home up for sale and downsize, while my home is up for sale can I find a home and purchase it with my VA loan?


    Good Morning; I am a widower of a retired veteran. I applied for bankruptcy in 10-2012. I moved in my home 10-1989. I had a 30 yr. fixed rate loan. I reside in Decatur, Ga. 30034. I still owe about 35,000 on the loan. My home need some repairs. Can you tell me if I qualify for a home improvement loan or can I purchase another loan?

  3. Darlene J Whaley

    I am the widow of Navy man who served 20 years during the VietNam era. We married in 1960, divorced in 1963 and remarried on June 1, 2007. Unfortunately my husband passed away September 20th, 2009. My question is, am I qualified for a VA loan? I am in the process of purchasing a house in Hemet, CA. Please address this question ASAP. Respectfully, Darlene J Whaley Deceased Husband: Richard V Whaley, Jr.

    • Joe Wallace

      You'll need to discuss your circumstances with the Department of Veterans Affairs to see if your specific situation qualifies for a Surviving Spouses VA loan. Call them at 1-800 827-1000.

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