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Important Resources for VA Borrowers

June 30, 2011


Important Resources for VA Borrowers

Are you a first-time home buyer looking for a home to purchase with a VA insured mortgage? If you’re in the early stages of considering your VA loan options, chances are you’re looking for few places to start your research.

And it’s not just new house hunters who need help; even experienced borrowers (who know plenty about occupancy rules and VA eligibility requirements) have unanswered questions depending on their needs.

For example, when shopping for a condo unit, how does a VA borrower learn about where to find approved condo projects? The answer to that particular question can be found at the Department of Veterans Affairs Veteran Information Portal:

Are you a military retiree or currently serving military member looking for a house with special features to accommodate a disability? There’s no need to limit your house hunting to properties with existing accessibility features; a veteran with a service-connected disability can apply for a special grant to adapt a qualifying property. The VA Specially Adapted Housing page has all the information you’ll need:

If you have never used your military benefits before, there is a great deal of help and advice from the Department of Veterans Affairs Online Benefits Application website, also known as VONAPP. Please note that VONAPP is not the place to go to begin an application for a VA mortgage, but there are many benefits a veteran can and should take advantage of when looking into their VA mortgage options.

The VONAPP website can help those who need to apply for or request re-evaluation of disability benefits. If you need to apply for the VA’s Specially Adapted Housing grant, you should begin using VONAPP long before you apply for a VA home loan—the status of a disability and VA recognition of that service-connected disability must be established before applying for the grant.

A VA-approved disability may qualify you for a Specially Adapted Housing Grant, but any issues not currently recognized by the Department of Veterans Affairs cannot be used to make the determination.

If you need assistance with any of these links, programs or applications, you can contact the VA directly at or call them at 1-800-827-1000.

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