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Facts About VA Specially Adapted Housing Grants for Disabled Veterans

August 31, 2011


Facts About VA Specially Adapted Housing Grants for Disabled Veterans

The VA offers a range of important benefits for qualifying disabled veterans, including a waiver for the VA loan funding fee and grants for specially adapted housing.

Such grants are intended to help veterans with qualifying disabilities purchase specially adapted housing, or modify an existing property in order to be more accessible and usable. These grants may supplement VA home loans where applicable.

One example of these VA housing grants offered by the Department of Veterans Affairs is the VA 2101(a) Specially Adapted Housing Grant, which provides up to 50 percent of the cost of a specially adapted house (in specific circumstances) or a maximum amount of just over $63 thousand.

In order to qualify for most of the VA grant programs, a benefits eligibility application must be completed by the veteran or the vet’s representative. This VA paperwork, officially known as VA Form 26-4555, Veteran’s Application in Acquiring Specially Adapted Housing or Special Home Adaptations, is used in a number of ways but is basically an application for eligibility.

It’s much like applying for VA home loan eligibility. This application is not for the grant itself and veterans should be prepared to submit additional paperwork for the specific grant they need.

That paperwork, which is also required, depends on what the veteran needs to apply for. One version is VA Form 26-4555c, Veteran’s Supplemental Application for Assistance in Acquiring Specially Adapted Housing.

The other is VA Form 26-4555d, Veterans Application for Assistance in Acquiring Special Housing Adaptations. These two forms both act as applications for the appropriate grant. A separate form is available for a Temporary Residence Adaptation Grant or TRA grant.

Requiring multiple forms may seem a bit confusing, but remember that, as stated earlier, the application process is much like applying for a VA home loan itself. First you apply for eligibility for the benefit, then you apply for the benefit itself. The VA must first determine the veteran is eligible for the benefit before starting the application process for those VA benefits.

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