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Are Mobile Homes Eligible For VA Appraisal?

September 29, 2010


Are Mobile Homes Eligible For VA Appraisal?

In our last few posts we’ve discussed the types of properties eligible to be appraised by the Department of Veterans Affairs for a VA home loan. One type of property we haven’t discussed up til now on this issue? Manufactured homes or mobile home properties. Mobile homes are also eligible for VA appraisal when they meet specific criteria.

There are two basic types of manufactured home, according to VA regulations. One type is the manufactured home classified as real estate. Other types of mobile homes, often called modular homes, may also be eligible when they meet the VA requirements.

For manufactured homes classified as real estate, the VA says it’s possible to apply for a 30-year VA mortgage provided the property is both classified AND taxed as real estate. The mobile home must be permanently fixed to a foundation and it must conform to all building codes applicable to real estate. Manufactured homes classified as real estate are be held to the same standards as ordinary homes including the VA’s minimum property requirements. They must also comply with zoning laws in the local area.

For other types of manufactured homes such as modular homes, the VA rulebook says VA appraisal is permitted, “Provided they are covered by a HUD structural engineering bulletin, or constructed to the standards of the State in which the factory is located and receive that State’s approval certification.”

These homes may be delivered in sections to be assembled to a foundation or chassis not supported by wheels. Traditional mobile homes supported by wheels may also be eligible for VA appraisal, but it’s important to point out that for modular and traditional mobile homes not classified as real estate, the terms of the loan (including the term of the VA home loan) can be quite different than for mobile homes which are defined as real estate.

  1. George E. Dokes

    I have a loan from Sun Trust Bank in Ormond Beach @7.98% interest. I've servered 4 years in the U.S.Navy and have been approved for a V.A. loan (which I can not find a bank to give me). My credit is not only good it is Excellent. My wife and I live in Aberdeen,Ormond Beach in a senior park for 13 1/2 yearsI have always found work to manager my expences and since word is hard to find, I am interested in a lower rate of interest on my mortage. I felt writing a comment at least give me the opportunity to ask for assistance finding a bank where I can get a V.A. loan. Thanking you in advance, George E. Dokes

  2. Jaime M. Fierro

    Currently I own a mobile home located in one city and want to move to a another city within the same state and set it in a permanent foundation. This land and home was purchased for the purposes of my retirement. Can VA help me with the cost of relocating and financing the improvements I need to complete this dream? SFC Fierro (Ret)

    • Joe Wallace

      While you can't get a VA loan for relocating a mobile home, you may be able to apply for an Interest Rate Reduction Refinancing Loan-but you may be required to have it permanently anchored to a foundation first--it's best to contact your closest VA loan center (you can look them up at ) to discuss the specific situation to see if you can qualify for an IRRRL and what needs to be done to your mobile home first, if anything is required.

  3. Ernestine R. McCollough

    Hi, I'm so glad to run accross this article just web surfing. My husband retired, I spent 5yrs in the military. We brought a home and sold it back in the early 90"s. We are buying the modular home that sits on rented property. I want to know can we refiance this home under this VA mortage you are talking about, and then we can underpin it toa brick foundation. I like the neighborhood, butiwould like to purchase me a home with my VA home loan since I've never used mine. Thank You Erenstine & Jackie McCollough

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