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VA Housing Grants For Disabled Veterans

The Department of Veterans Affairs offers special grants to veterans with qualifying disabilities that can help offset the cost of altering a property to be more accessible and livable.

One such grant, the Specially Adapted Housing Grant (SAH), is designed to help service members and veterans, “with certain permanent and total service-connected disabilities to help purchase or construct an adapted home, or modify an existing home to accommodate a disability.”

The VA SAH grant can be used as follows, according to

  • Construct a specially adapted home on land to be acquired
  • Build a home on land already owned if it is suitable for specially adapted housing
  • Remodel an existing home if it can be made suitable for specially adapted housing
  • Apply the grant against the unpaid principal mortgage balance of an adapted home already acquired without the assistance of a VA grant

That last line is very important–if you have purchased a standard home with a VA mortgage loan, using the SAH grant to pay down your principal loan balance could be a huge advantage.

How much of that principal balance could you pay off? Potentially, thousands of dollars. According to, “The maximum dollar amount allowable for SAH grants in fiscal year 2014 is $67,555.” That is a lot of money to put toward a VA home loan payment.

For more information on using the SAH grant for a home you are currently purchasing with a VA loan or one you have already purchased, contact the Department of Veterans Affairs directly at 1-800-827-1000.

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Bruce Reichstein

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Bruce Reichstein is an Expert on (VA) Military/Veteran Home Loan Guidelines for over 26 years. He is an experienced VA Loan Mortgage Banker who is passionate about assisting US Military Veterans utilize their Veteran Eligibility to purchase a home.

5 Responses to VA Housing Grants For Disabled Veterans

  1. Howard Wearstler says:

    I am a Disabled Vet on Kidney Dialysis. I am try of pay the high cost of rent each month. I would like to find out more about the VA SAH grant. It would be a pleasure to live in a home I could call mine.

  2. Jon Eltringham says:

    i am a disabled vet the house i rent is full of black mold the floors are falling. tryed a va loan but no credit so thats out could the va help with a 50 or 60,000 grant ?? please help

  3. Richard Brothers says:

    has the sah grant increased in 2014?

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