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VA Loan Rules and Lender Policies

VA borrowers who get familiar with VA loan rules and requirements are sometimes confused when they approach a lender. There are situations where the bank can’t or doesn’t offer certain VA loans, rates, terms or other features permitted by the VA loan rules.

For example; on the VA official site, borrowers will see plenty of information about new construction loans or VA loans for manufactured homes. But in the current economy, new construction loans and mobile home loans are hard to come by. Does the fact that the VA is willing to insure such loans mean the bank is required to issue them?

The short answer is no. The VA loan program is voluntary–the Department of Veterans Affairs can’t require lenders to offer credit at VA minimum standards or offer loans on properties the bank isn’t willing to take the financial risk on. A dedicated VA loan applicant may find a lender willing to issue a VA home loan for new construction or manufactured homes, but when the lending trends run against such transactions, the few willing lenders may have terms and conditions the borrower isn’t willing to agree to. In a challenging economy, flexibility in house hunting is definitely an asset.

So is planning early. Even when VA loan terms are more forgiving, a lender reserves the right to hold the borrower to higher standards for credit and reliable payments. Borrowers who don’t start examining their credit rating and payment history as early as possible run the risk of not getting approved for loans at the most favorable terms.

VA loans are still some of the most forgiving in terms of credit history and related issues compared to conventional mortgages, but borrowers should anticipate a more rigorous set of standards in today’s market and prepare accordingly.

That’s why the VA refers house hunters to the Ginnie Mae official site to find resources for housing counseling–it’s a very good idea to get some expert advice before starting on the road to home ownership–the more prep time a borrower takes, the better chance they have to get VA loan approval.

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6 Responses to VA Loan Rules and Lender Policies

  1. Terry says:

    My lender states that I cannot get a VA home lone because my employer is out of the state which I want to purchase a home. I work for a defense contractor and I am posted overseas, but my spouse is in the state in which I want to purchase the property as my primary home. Is the lender correct with the statement that I cannot apply for a VA loan if I am not in the state at the time the loan is approved even if my spouse is there and this will be my primary home.

    • Joe Wallace says:

      Hi Terry–there are some VA rules that pertain to buying a home within a reasonable commuting distance, but these might not apply in your situation. Best advice–contact the VA regional loan center in your area for advice on this specific situation–you can find your VA Regional Loan Center here:

  2. Jerry says:

    We are in the process of finishing up on a va loan for our home, I had a va-home loan before and paid it off over 30 yr., we were recently told by the lender that you have to pay 3% of total loan , since you had a va-loan before,is this correct, Thank you, Jerry

    • Joe Wallace says:

      Hi Jerry–not quite sure what you mean, are you asking about down payment amounts on a new VA home loan? Or the VA loan funding fee?

  3. brad richison says:

    im selling a home the va assessor made a mistake and used the wrong number the house sold for 131,000 the numbers the va used made the house 131,000, now we have to wait another week which is going to cost us another mortgage payment.

    is their anything in policy that would be error on the va assessor which would work in our favor.. i find it not fair that we have to pay the penalty due to error on the va assessor.. help thanks

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